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A Webinar on "National Education Policy (NEP)-2020"

A Webinar on "National Education Policy (NEP)-2020" was conducted at IET Bhaddal Technical Campus on 28.05.2021. There were more than 100 participants which included faculty members, staff members and students. The purpose of webinar was to enlighten & highlight the features and policies of “NEP-2020”. The session was very informative and all aspects regarding four stages (total 15 years) of new schooling format education was discussed. This policy would help students to plan their future stream right from the beginning depending upon their caliber and interest. The platform would help students in career enhancement and skill development.

Highlights of "NEP-2020"

In NEP-2020 stress has been laid on vocational course, skill development and use of technology by students and faculty. There would be 360 degree assessment. The four stages will be Foundation Stage (5 years), Preparatory Stage (3 years), Middle Stage (3 years) and Final Stage (4 years). There would be no exams in foundation stage. In 3 rd stage student has to choose one Indian language for study and in 4 th stage one Foreign language has to be chosen.

The participants also took healthy interest in the webinar.

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