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A webinar on "Memory Techniques"

A webinar on " Memory Techniques" was conducted at IET Bhaddal Technical campus on 18. 06.2021 by department of Agriculture and Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. Mr. Suraj Kumar Assistant professor (NET qualified) at Trinity College Jalandhar was the speaker of the webinar. There were more than 83 participants including faculty members and students. The main objective of this webinar was to teach students about the memory techniques and excercises that will help them in increasing their mental ability by 10 folds.

Highlights About "Memory Techniques"

Memory techniques helps everyone to access the deepest areas of the memory powers. Every person already has a perfect photographic super memory. It can only be released by practicing various techniques and exercises for its efficient working.

There was a healthy interaction between the students and speaker during the webinar.



  Registration open for the 2024 Batch  
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