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Vibrant and colorful festival of Baisakhi was celebrated

The vibrant and colorful festival of Baisakhi was celebrated in the IET BHADDAL TECHNICAL CAMPUS, ROPAR with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event witnessed an array of performances by students, including Bhangra dance, Bollywood beats, and poetry recitations. The highlight of the celebration was the Bhangra dance performance by the students, which left the audience spellbound. The girls' performance on Bollywood beats was equally enthralling, and they received thunderous applause from the audience. The students' poetry recitation was yet another highlight of the event, and it showcased the students' talent in literature and performing arts. It was heartening to see the staff and students come together to enjoy the festivities and immerse themselves in the rich culture of Punjab. On the Behalf of Institute Society , S. Tejinder Singh praised the efforts of the staff and students in organizing such a wonderful event that showcased the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. He also highlighted the importance of such events in promoting unity and diversity among the students. Campus Director Dr. S.S. Bindra thanked everyone for their collective effort in making the event a huge success. He expressed his joy at seeing the students perform on stage and credited them for bringing out the true spirit of the festival. Overall, the Baisakhi celebration was a grand success, and it left everyone with memories to cherish for a long time. The institute looks forward to more such events in the future that will continue to promote unity and diversity among the students.

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